Reaim 2023

The government of the Netherlands is hosting a summit on Responsible Artificial Intelligence in the Military Domain: REAIM 2023. REAIM 2023 will be a platform for all stakeholders to discuss the key opportunities, challenges and risks associated with military applications of AI. The event will be held on 15 and 16 February 2023 at the World Forum in The Hague, the international city of peace and justice.

REAIM 2023 will be hosted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Wopke Hoekstra, in close cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Defence. Participants will include foreign ministers and other government delegates, as well as representatives from knowledge institutions, think tanks, industry and civil society organisations.  

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a system technology that is influencing and changing our world fundamentally, including in the military domain. The Netherlands strives to be a progressive and responsible high-tech country. That is why it will be hosting this international summit on the responsible development, deployment and use of AI in the military domain. 

Wopke Hoekstra, Minister of Foreign Affairs: The rise of AI is one of the greatest future challenges in international security and arms control.

Manufacturing robots,
self-driving cars, chatbots.

Machines and software
are becoming increasingly independent...

in carrying out tasks
and making their own decisions.

We call this Artificial Intelligence.

AI is a technology
that is fundamentally changing our world...

and rapidly becoming part of our daily lives.

Military organisations around the world
are increasingly adopting AI...

in analyzing data
and in decision-making processes.

This military application of AI is essential
for defending our global values...

against present and future threats.

But there are concerns about potential risks.
Will we as humans still be in control?

Will AI lower the threshold for the use of force?
Who is responsible if AI makes a mistake?

It is critical for the international community
to look at both the opportunities and the risks...

and to take responsibility
for the potential applications of this technology...

now and in the future.

The Netherlands strives to be a progressive
and responsible high-tech country.

That is why we are organising the REAIM Summit
on responsible AI in the Military domain.

The summit is hosted by Dutch Minister
of Foreign Affairs Wopke Hoekstra...

in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defence.

It will be held on February 15 and 16, 2023
in The Hague...

international city of peace and justice.

During the REAIM Summit,
governments, businesses, academics...

and civil society organisations
from around the world will come together.

They will decide
on what actions need to be taken...

to ensure the military application of AI
is dealt with responsibly...

including research, development,
innovation, application...

and the frameworks
that govern the use of AI globally.

These actions will ensure
that AI remains in the service of people...

and a tool only used with the greatest of care.

The Hague/TheNetherlands 2023 February 15-16
Responsible AI in the Military domain Summit

Purpose of REAIM 2023

REAIM 2023 aims to: 

  • put the topic of responsible AI in the military domain higher on the political agenda;
  • mobilise and activate a wide group of stakeholders to contribute to concrete next steps;
  • foster and increase knowledge by sharing experiences, best practices and solutions.

Themes of REAIM 2023

REAIM 2023 will be organised along the following themes:

  1. Mythbusting AI: breaking down the characteristics of AI – what do we need to know about the technical aspects of AI to understand how it can be applied responsibly in a military context?
  2. Responsible deployment and use of AI – what do military applications of AI mean in practice? What are the main benefits and vulnerabilities? 
  3. Governance frameworks – which frameworks exist to ensure AI is applied responsibly in the military domain? What additional instruments and tools could strengthen governance frameworks, and how can stakeholders contribute?


The technological developments in the area of AI take place primarily in the civil domain. Therefore, the summit will bring together high-level representatives of government bodies, civil society organisations, knowledge institutions and the private sector in order to discuss the key opportunities, challenges and risks associated with military applications of AI. 

Contribute to REAIM 2023 - Call for proposals

All stakeholders in the field of AI, such as governments, companies, NGOs, researchers, knowledge institutions, international organisations, students and others, are invited to contribute to the programme. For instance by organising workshops, talkshows, panel discussions, interviews or demonstrations.

For more information or inquiries, check this website for updates or send us an email at

Attending REAIM 2023

REAIM 2023 will be a hybrid summit, taking place online and in-person at the World Forum in The Hague. The in-person summit will feature interesting plenary and breakout sessions, demonstrations, debates and workshops, and offer opportunities to meet others and expand your network. If you are interested in attending REAIM 2023 in person, you will be able to register via this website soon. Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory, due to strict security measures. Check this website regularly for updates.

Virtual event

If you are not able to come to The Hague, you can also view selected sessions on our special online conference platform. Registration for the virtual event will open in November. Using the online platform is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. 

Further details about the programme and speakers will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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