Statement minister Koenders on remembrance MH17

It is three years ago to the day that the 298 passengers of flight MH17 set out on what would prove to be their last journey. A lot has happened since that dark day. Several years have passed, but the grief, despair and frustration at the loss of so many lives will always remain. We will never forget. The monument that has been opened today provides space for the grief of the families and space for memories of the victims. It is incredibly important that we now have this monument. I have deep respect for those people who have planted a tree here in honour of a loved one. Respect for the courage they have shown in finding a way to carry on.

The criminal investigation into the circumstances of the attack on MH17 is still ongoing and I would like to express my full confidence in the Joint Investigation Team that is conducting it. It has now been decided that the suspected perpetrators will be tried in the Netherlands, and the prosecution can count on close and continuing international backing and cooperation. There is broad international support for bringing the perpetrators to justice. This is – and will remain – the Dutch government’s top priority.