Koenders: resolution on Yemen inquiry finally adopted

At the urging of the Netherlands and a coalition of other states, an international and independent inquiry is to be held into violations of international law in the armed conflict that broke out in Yemen in September 2014. A resolution to this effect was adopted on Friday afternoon by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva after lengthy deliberations.

The resolution states that the High Commissioner for Human Rights will appoint international experts and that their findings will be discussed in the Human Rights Council. Foreign minister Bert Koenders stressed that this is essential in order to ensure that findings of the investigation are properly followed up and that all parties involved in the conflict account for their actions before the Human Rights Council.

‘There is no denying that the Yemeni people have a right to this inquiry,’ Mr Koenders said. ‘I’m pleased we have finally made progress on this. It was about time.’ The Netherlands was forced to withdraw its previous proposal for such a resolution, due to a lack of international support in the Human Rights Council.

‘Yemen urgently needs our attention,’ the minister added. ‘We cannot ignore the dire humanitarian situation there. The war has cast the country into a humanitarian disaster of unprecedented proportions.’ To date the conflict has claimed almost 10,000 lives.  

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