Appointment of ambassadors

The cabinet has approved twelve ambassadorial appointments proposed by foreign minister Halbe Zijnstra. The appointments will commence in summer 2018. They will not be final until they are formally approved by the host countries concerned.

The appointments are as follows:

  • Albania (duty station Tirana): Guusje Korthals Altes, currently head of the economic affairs section at the embassy in Warsaw
  • Burundi (duty station Bujumbura): Caecilia Wijgers, currently deputy ambassador in Accra
  • Croatia (duty station Zagreb): Henk Voskamp, currently deputy ambassador in Berlin
  • India (duty station New Delhi): Marten van den Berg, currently Director-General for Foreign Economic Relations
  • Latvia (duty station Riga): Govert Jan Bijl de Vroe, currently ambassador in Lisbon
  • Libya (duty station Tripoli; temporarily stationed in Tunis, due to the security situation in Libya): Lars Tummers, currently head of the Counterterrorism and National Security Division at the Security Policy Department
  • Malta (duty station Valletta): Frank Keurhorst, currently head of the Maghreb and Gulf States Division at the North Africa and Middle East Department
  • Mozambique (duty station Maputo): Henny de Vries, currently Deputy Representative to the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah
  • New Zealand (duty station Wellington): Mira Woldberg, currently Head of the South Asia and Oceania Division at the Asia and Oceania Department
  • Portugal (duty station Lisbon): Nienke Trooster, currently ambassador in Hanoi
  • South Africa (duty station Pretoria): Han Peters, currently ambassador in Brasilia
  • Vietnam (duty station Hanoi): Elsbeth Akkerman, currently Deputy Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organization in Geneva.

These appointments will raise the percentage of female ambassadors to more than 30%, continuing the upward trend in the number of women being appointed.