Foreign minister Stef Blok to travel to the Caribbean and Colombia

On Monday 2 April, Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok will travel to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, where he will visit St Maarten, Aruba and Curaçao and meet with the three countries’ prime ministers. This will be his first visit to the area as foreign minister. In this capacity he is responsible for the foreign relations of all four of the countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

At the annual Kingdom Conference on Foreign Relations, Mr Blok will speak with the prime ministers of St Maarten, Aruba and Curaçao about the foreign interests and priorities of the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom. Topics of discussion will include the worrying developments in Venezuela. The unstable situation in the country has caused many people to leave for neighbouring countries, including the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom and Colombia.

The impact of hurricane Irma on St Maarten and the reconstruction process there will also be on the agenda.

On 5 April Mr Blok will travel on to Colombia. There he will meet with his Colombian counterpart María Ángela Holguín to discuss bilateral relations, the peace process and the Netherlands’ contribution to it. They will also talk about the situation in Venezuela and the influx of refugees in Colombia. Mr Blok will then visit one of the FARC reintegration zones in the north of the country to see for himself how the measures in the peace agreement are being implemented.