Minister Blok to visit Morocco

Foreign minister Stef Blok will visit Morocco on Friday 20 April. He will meet with several members of the Moroccan government in Rabat, including prime minister Saad Dine El Otmani, foreign minister Nasser Bourita, interior minister Abdelouafi Laftit and justice minister Mohamed Aujjar.

Morocco is an important country for the Netherlands for several reasons. The two countries have a long shared history and a special bond due to the large Moroccan community in the Netherlands. Morocco has Africa’s fifth-largest economy and is a prominent trading partner for the Netherlands. Mr Blok, who represented the government on a visit to Morocco last October, will be addressing a wide range of issues in Rabat.

Morocco is one of the Mediterranean gateways to the European Union, so cooperation with it on issues of migration and security is important. It is also a key discussion partner for the Netherlands and the EU in the area of counterterrorism. Besides meeting with members of the government, Mr Blok will be talking with civil society representatives about current events in Morocco.