Facility management and hospitality partners for Dutch Expo 2020 Pavilion announced

Dutch participation in Expo 2020 Dubai is rapidly taking shape. This week the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) issued two important contracts with partners selected in a contract award procedure. The contract for facility management of the Dutch pavilion has been awarded to our local partner in Dubai, Transguard Group LLC, while a consortium of three companies – GL Events, Van der Linde Catering + Events and MeetingLinq – will be in charge of hospitality.

In announcing these partners, the government underscores a key feature of the Netherlands’ participation: cooperation. Not only between government, businesses and knowledge institutions, but also among companies themselves. The invitation to tender encouraged small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to form consortia and bid for the major contracts for the Dutch pavilion. In another tender procedure, for example, a consortium of SMEs was awarded the contract for designing, building and, after Expo 2020, dismantling the pavilion.

Transguard Group LLC: operational partner of the Dutch pavilion

In Transguard Group LLC, the Netherlands has recruited a key operational partner for Expo 2020 Dubai. During the Expo, Transguard will manage facilities at the pavilion, such as security, cleaning and garden maintenance. This last task is important, as oyster mushrooms will be grown in the pavilion. This work, while mostly taking place behind the scenes, will be crucial for visitors’ experience of the pavilion.  “Our partnership with the Dutch Pavilion is one that combines innovation, expertise and operational excellence. With a unique ability to deliver fully integrated solutions, Transguard is committed to the growth of the UAE and the success of our Dubai Expo 2020 partners”, said Dr. Abdulla Al Hashimi, Chief Executive Officer, Transguard Group.

A feeling that’s shared by RVO’s Daan Stoop: ‘When we were looking for an operational partner, Transguard stood out with its team of qualified personnel, reputation for consistent quality and in-depth knowledge of our very particular pavilion. Its detailed proposal for cultivating our “microgreens” and the pavilion’s oyster mushrooms was an asset too.’

Three companies join forces to provide hospitality

Three companies formed a consortium and submitted their successful bid for the hospitality tender. GL Events is the consortium’s lead party and, together with Van der Linde Catering + Events and MeetingLinq, it will provide all the hospitality services for the Dutch pavilion for the six-month duration of Expo 2020 Dubai.

GL Events

With over 40 years of experience, GL Events is a major international player in the events world. It will recruit the hosts for the Dutch pavilion, who will lead the daily visitors’ show and welcome business delegations to the pavilion. GL Events has specific experience in building strong teams who know how to create a welcoming atmosphere in international settings. It will recruit a diverse team, since we want all our visitors and staff from around the world to feel at home in the Dutch pavilion.


The Dutch pavilion – also known as the Biotope due to its circular form and functioning – will soon have a restaurant and a business lounge. For these spaces, Van der Linde Catering + Events will provide both regular and VIP catering. This Dutch company is known for its high-quality catering and its commitment to sustainability. Most of the products they use are 100% organic, sustainably produced, animal-friendly and fair trade. This approach, along with the company’s innovative vision, are in harmony with the pavilion’s theme, ‘Uniting water, energy and food’.

Pavilion shop

Even the pavilion shop, which will be run by MeetingLinq, will tie in with this theme. This Amsterdam-based company specialises in supplying sustainable items and gifts, for example, made of recycled or biodegradable materials. It has more than 50 years’ collective experience in providing materials for international meetings and conventions. They will make sure our visitors leave with a unique pavilion memento.