Registration now open for REAIM Summit 2023: AI experts and other interested parties are invited to attend REAIM 2023

In collaboration with the Republic of Korea, the Netherlands is organising a summit on Responsible Artificial Intelligence in the Military Domain: the REAIM Summit 2023. The international conference will bring together members of government from around the world, as well as prominent representatives of government bodies, the business community, knowledge institutions, international organisations and civil society. The REAIM Summit will be held at the World Forum in The Hague on 15 and 16 February 2023.

Experts and other interested parties from around the world who wish to attend can register from today (1 December) via the REAIM 2023 website. After registering for this two-day summit, participants will be able to share their knowledge in a broad international context and discuss the potential benefits, concerns and risks involved in the application of AI in the military domain. The goal is to work together towards concrete solutions with regard to responsible development and use.

Varied programme

The conference offers participants a varied programme: high-level panels, an extensive break-out programme with debates, workshops and expert panel discussions, an academic segment and plenty of space for demonstrations and pitches from the business community. Partners from around the world will be participating in the event. Besides contributions from international institutions such as the United Nations, NATO and the European Commission, individual segments will be hosted by Dutch and international companies (including Airbus, Thales, IBM, BAE Systems), civil society organisations (including PAX and the Future of Life Institute), research institutes (including TNO, SIPRI and Chatham House) and many leading universities (including TU Delft). There will be a special programme for students so that they can be closely involved too.

Online programmes

In the run-up to REAIM 2023, a three-part series of online programmes has been produced to provide further information about the subject. The first part of the series was published on the REAIM YouTube channel today. These online specials will look at the development and use of AI in the military domain and the concerns associated with it. We also look ahead to the possible conclusion of international agreements on this subject. During REAIM 2023 itself, parts of the conference will be streamed online via the REAIM YouTube channel.