A year of war in Ukraine: a look back on the Netherlands’ aid efforts

One year ago Russia launched its military invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine deserves our support and commitment. What has the Netherlands done so far? This article presents an overview of Dutch aid efforts, along with some stories from the past year.

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The Netherlands’ position on the war in Ukraine

The Netherlands has a clear message: it is up to Russia to stop this war – by pulling its troops out of Ukraine, by stopping the killing, torture and rape of civilians and the destruction of buildings, houses and infrastructure. But Russia has given no indications that it has any intention of withdrawing. For this reason the Netherlands will continue to support Ukraine. And together with the other member states of the European Union, we are imposing strict measures on Russia.

Sanctions against Russia

Over the course of 2022 the EU adopted a total of nine sanctions packages against Russia. The purpose of the sanctions is to make it difficult for Russia to finance the war, and to increase the pressure on Russia to withdraw from Ukraine. Read more about the sanctions.

Dutch aid to Ukraine

The Netherlands supports Ukraine in a variety of ways, including humanitarian aid, reconstruction, aid to victims, and medicine and relief goods. Last year, the Netherlands also organised two international conferences for Ukraine: one on combating impunity and the other on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Military support

The Netherlands supports Ukraine with arms, training, equipment and other items which Ukrainian troops need to defend themselves. In 2022 the Netherlands provided Ukraine with approximately €1 billion in military support. The Netherlands also helps to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank in various ways.

Emergency aid, international cooperation and the investigation of war crimes

Together with other countries, the Netherlands is helping Ukrainians who have been affected by the war. But the Netherlands is also doing its part in other ways. For example by funding the investigation of war crimes, to ensure that perpetrators do not go unpunished. Read more practical examples of Dutch support for Ukraine.

Supporting Ukraine: the work being done by the Dutch embassy

The Dutch embassy in Kyiv supports various organisations that can make a major difference in Ukraine. You can read more about this in the following articles:

Reception of Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands

In 2022 the Netherlands took in approximately 86,850 Ukrainian refugees. Read more about the reception of refugees from Ukraine.

What now?

The future of the Ukrainian people and our own future are closely linked. The Netherlands will continue to help Ukraine. From military support to the basic necessities, such as blankets and medicine. From assistance with demining to aid to civilians, companies and the government to rebuild their devastated country. We will not abandon Ukraine. The Netherlands has reserved €2.5 billion for 2023 to further support Ukraine.

Investigation centre in The Hague

In 2023 a new centre will be opened in The Hague, dedicated to investigating crimes committed in Ukraine, such as rape and attacks on civilian targets. Ukraine itself suggested headquartering the centre in The Hague, the international city of peace and justice.

Currently, the International Criminal Court in The Hague is already conducting an investigation into war crimes committed in Ukraine, but it has no jurisdiction over the specific crime of aggression committed in and against Ukraine. It is important to bridge this gap and thus enhance our fight against impunity.

Enlarge image Vlaggen voor Oekraïne op de Maasboulevard in Rotterdam
Image: ©Jurgen Huiskes photography
Flags for Ukraine on the Maasboulevard in Rotterdam.