State lodges appeal in cassation against judgment on distribution of F-35 parts to Israel

The State is lodging an appeal in cassation to the Dutch Supreme Court against the judgment of The Hague Court of Appeal on the distribution of American F-35 parts to Israel. This was decided by the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Geoffrey van Leeuwen. The court ruled this morning that the Netherlands must cease distributing F-35 parts to Israel no later than seven days from today. Of course the government respects the Court of Appeal’s judgment and will implement it.

In the government’s view, the distribution of American F-35 parts is not unlawful. The government believes it is up to the State to its determine foreign policy. The government is lodging an appeal in cassation because it believes the Court of Appeal did not take sufficient account of this.

In the meantime, the government will consult with international partners within the F-35 programme very soon in order to secure the Netherlands role’ within the programme. The government will do everything it can to convince allies and partners that the Netherlands remains a reliable partner in the F-35 project and in European and international defence cooperation.

That cooperation is important for the Netherlands’ own national security. But it’s also essential for Israel, because the F-35 aircraft is crucial for Israel’s security, in particular with regard to threats emanating from the region, for instance from Iran, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon.

The State’s decision to lodge an appeal in cassation against this judgment is separate from the situation in Gaza. The Netherlands continues to call for an immediate temporary humanitarian ceasefire, and for as much humanitarian aid as possible to be allowed to reach the suffering people of Gaza. The situation is extremely serious. It is clear that international humanitarian law applies in full and Israel, too, must abide by it.