The Netherlands to co-host international conference ‘Restoring Justice for Ukraine’

On 2 April 2024, the Netherlands, Ukraine and the European Commission will co-host the international conference ‘Restoring Justice for Ukraine’ at the World Forum in The Hague. Foreign ministers and justice ministers from countries involved in the fight for justice for Ukraine since the start of the conflict will be able to voice their support for long-term efforts to tackle impunity and compensate victims.

Russian aggression

For almost two years now, Ukraine has been resisting unprecedented Russian aggression. Day after day, the Russian regime continues its attacks on schools, hospitals and other civilian objects, resulting in civilian casualties. Those living in occupied regions recount stories of torture, rape and abduction by the Russians. The Netherlands and a large group of other countries believe that this must not go unpunished, and that justice must be achieved for all the victims.

About the conference

One aim of the conference is to take stock of the substantial progress made so far in documenting and investigating these crimes. Another aim is to achieve further progress on the four tiers of item 7 of President Zelenskyy’s ten-point peace plan, on which – at Ukraine’s request – the Netherlands is playing a leading role:

  1. support for Ukrainian investigation and prosecution of international crimes at national level;
  2. investigation and prosecution of international crimes at international level, including the crime of aggression;
  3. reparation of harm suffered;
  4. international coordination, cooperation and information-sharing.

Alongside representatives of the Netherlands, Ukraine, the European Commission and the invited countries, representatives of the International Criminal Court, the Council of Europe, the Register of Damage for Ukraine, Eurojust, the International Centre for the Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine, the Ukraine Joint Investigation Team and Ukrainian non-governmental organisations will be present.

Truth and justice for Ukraine

The Netherlands believes it is of vital importance that truth and justice be achieved both for Ukraine and for all victims of Russia’s aggression. This is why the Netherlands supports various initiatives in this regard, such as the investigations by the International Criminal Court and the Ukrainian public prosecution service into international crimes committed in Ukraine. In addition, the Netherlands has sent four forensic investigation missions to Ukraine under the banner of the International Criminal Court. The Netherlands is also the host state of the Register of Damage for Ukraine and the International Centre for the Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine (ICPA), which are based in The Hague. Under certain conditions, including broad international political and financial support and sufficient capacity, the Netherlands will also host a future special aggression tribunal in The Hague. Furthermore, because the various international initiatives must be aligned, the Netherlands is working for more effective coordination and information-sharing, including via the Dialogue Group on Accountability for Ukraine.

In July 2022 the Netherlands hosted the Ukraine Accountability Conference in order to better connect, coordinate and organise the accountability efforts being undertaken by various countries and organisations.