The Netherlands concludes ten-year security agreement with Ukraine

The Netherlands and Ukraine are to sign a security agreement covering the next ten years. The agreement signals the Dutch government's commitment to provide enduring support to Ukraine in the areas of security, reconstruction and justice. The agreement means that the Netherlands will help Ukraine defend itself against Russia and achieve further integration into the EU and NATO.

‘Our own security is closely intertwined with Ukraine's,’ said foreign minister Hanke Bruins Slot. ‘Not for a single day can we afford to forget that the Ukrainians’ brave fight is also our concern. Ukraine must be able to rely on our support, not only now but in the longer term too. This also sends a powerful signal to Russia, which is hoping that Western support for Ukraine will eventually dry up. Without that support, Ukraine as we know it would cease to exist. The Russian threat would come even closer, and the stability and security of our continent would come under serious pressure.’

On 12 July 2023, during the NATO summit in Vilnius, the Netherlands announced that it would seek to make bilateral security arrangements with Ukraine, following the example of the G7 countries. The Netherlands and Ukraine subsequently entered into talks to work out the details of these arrangements. The security agreement includes arrangements on military support in the medium and longer term, cooperation involving the defence industry, improving Ukraine's resilience – including its response to cyber threats – and improving interoperability between Ukraine's army and NATO troops.

The Netherlands and Ukraine also agreed to continue their joint efforts on recovery and reconstruction and on countering hybrid threats, to maintain their commitment to establishing truth and justice for all victims of the war, and to continue calls for sanctions that will increase the pressure on Russia. The official signing of the agreement will take place soon.