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  1. Africa Strategy: government presents integrated approach to cooperation with Africa

    The Netherlands is sharpening the focus of its collaboration with Africa by investing more, more specifically, and more ...

    News item | 31-05-2023 | 11:26

  2. Highlights of a year of feminist foreign policy

    The Netherlands seeks to reduce inequality, and it is committed to promoting the equality of men, women and LGBTIQ+ people all ...

    News item | 30-05-2023 | 10:30

  3. Results site: accessible portal opens up the world of development cooperation

    Wednesday 17 May is Accountability Day. This is the day when the Dutch Minister of Finance presents the central government annual ...

    News item | 19-05-2023 | 15:37

  4. Achieving the SDGs by 2030: ‘Calling it mission impossible is not an acceptable answer!’

    In 2015, 193 member countries of the United Nations agreed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), to be achieved by 2030. ...

    News item | 12-05-2023 | 10:12

  5. Fighting in Sudan - Updates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    On 15 April violent clashes between government forces and militias began in the Sudanese capital Khartoum. Fighting is also ...

    News item | 26-04-2023 | 10:09

  6. European Union (EU) imposes further sanctions on Syrian regime

    On 24 April 2023 the European Union (EU), at the initiative of the Netherlands and other member states, adopted additional ...

    News item | 24-04-2023 | 10:54

  7. New Dutch embassy shows Dutch support for Moldova’s future EU membership

    Today the Netherlands is opening a new embassy in Chișinău, the capital of the Eastern European country of Moldova. Why has the ...

    News item | 19-04-2023 | 14:48

  8. ‘Lawlessness in Khartoum is growing by the day’

    Since the outbreak of fighting in Sudan on Saturday, staff members at the embassy in Khartoum have been confined to their homes. ...

    News item | 19-04-2023 | 10:11

  9. Movies that Matter: powerful films that illuminate foreign policy themes

    The 2023 edition of the Movies that Matter festival took place in The Hague from 24 March to 1 April. Each year during the ...

    News item | 17-04-2023 | 15:01

  10. ‘Landmines are potential unseen killers’

    Every year landmines claim thousands of victims worldwide, sometimes long after a conflict has ended. On the International Day ...

    News item | 13-04-2023 | 11:21