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Future of humankind needs bold economic thinking and new governance on water

The newly launched Global Commission on the Economics of Water will redefine the way we value and govern water. It will present ...

News item | 25-05-2022 | 17:30

The Netherlands celebrates 30 years of diplomatic relations with Slovenia and gives a bee house as a present

This year we celebrate 30 years of diplomatic relations with Slovenia. To mark this, on 20 May – World Bee Day – the Netherlands ...

News item | 19-05-2022 | 15:17

A year in Dutch development cooperation: the results

What has a year of development cooperation produced? On Accountability Day the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains what has been ...

News item | 18-05-2022 | 10:15

Reconstruction in Ukraine: how the Netherlands can help

The war in Ukraine is still going on, but what will need to be done after the fighting stops? In a letter to the House of ...

News item | 17-05-2022 | 18:40

Violence against women and girls worldwide: what action is the Netherlands taking?

Read what the Netherlands is doing for women and girls around the world, and why.

News item | 10-05-2022 | 17:15

The Netherlands is seeking to avert an impending environmental disaster in Yemen

The Dutch ambassador to Yemen, Peter Derrek Hof, is working with the UN to help prevent an environmental disaster involving an ...

News item | 10-05-2022 | 08:43

Just Speak! exhibition turns complex problems into cartoons

Just speak! was opened on International Press Freedom Day and will run in The Hague – international city of peace and justice - ...

News item | 04-05-2022 | 15:34

Marking end of Ramadan with Eid Al-Fitr

As the holy month of Ramadan draws to a close, it is time for Muslims all over the world to get ready for their favorite holiday. ...

News item | 29-04-2022 | 13:45

Ukraine: Dutch embassy returns to Kyiv

On 29 April the Dutch ambassador Jennes de Mol and a small number of embassy staff will return to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. ...

News item | 29-04-2022 | 10:39

Russian response to expulsion of intelligence officers by the Netherlands

Today, the Dutch ambassador in Moscow was summoned to the Russian foreign ministry. Once there, he was informed that Russia ...

News item | 19-04-2022 | 16:53