Multilateral departments

These departments provide the Dutch contribution to international, or multilateral, organisations and send Dutch representatives to them.

European Integration Department (DIE)

DIE seeks to ensure the consistency of Dutch policy on the European Union (EU). It also consults with the other ministries at official level to coordinate the Dutch contribution to decision-making in the EU.

DIE comprises:

  • Internal Affairs Division (DIE/IN)
  • External Affairs Division (DIE/EX)


Multilateral Organisations and Human Rights Department (DMM)

DMM coordinates the Dutch contribution to United Nations bodies and the international financial institutions (the IMF, the World Bank, and the regional development banks). An important DMM objective is to voice Dutch development cooperation policy within these organisations. It also concerns itself with international terrorism, peace operations, programme aid, and debt relief.

DMM comprises:

  • Social and Economic Affairs Division (DMM/FS)
  • International Financial Institutions Division (DMM/IF)
  • Political and Legal Affairs Division (DMM/PJ)
  • Control Unit (DMM/CU)