Government delegation to visit Indonesia and Singapore

Prime Minister Mark Rutte, foreign trade and development cooperation minister Liliane Ploumen, infrastructure minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen and environment minister Sharon Dijksma are to visit Indonesia from 21 to 24 November. They will be accompanied by a delegation representing 110 Dutch companies and knowledge institutions operating in the sectors of water & maritime, climate & waste management, life sciences & health, and horticulture & source materials, led by Hans de Boer, chair of the Netherlands Confederation of Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW). The Prime Minister will fly to Singapore on 24 November.

A meeting is planned with President Joko Widodo, where talks will revolve around ways of strengthening the political and economic ties between the Netherlands and Indonesia. Important issues include the challenges confronting the two countries, such as climate change, water safety and the fight against terrorism. The Prime Minister will address the Indonesian parliament and meet members of parliament. Visits to a variety of companies, seminars and a trade reception will be held to cement the economic ties between the Indonesian and Dutch business communities. Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. The Netherlands is Indonesia's main export destination and a major European investor. Trade between the two countries totalled around €3.2 billion in 2015.

Infrastructure minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen, accompanied by CEOs from the water and maritime sector, will have meetings in Jakarta and Semarang with representatives of both the government and the business community. Sustainable palm oil, trade, working conditions in the textile sector and equal rights for women and girls are the main themes of foreign trade and development minister Liliane Ploumen's visit to Indonesia. On Tuesday, environment minister Sharon Dijksma will visit one of Southeast Asia's biggest landfills, in Jakarta. On Thursday she will travel on to Bali. The theme of her visit there will be the major problem of plastic waste in the ocean and how to deal with it.

In Singapore, Prime Minister Mark Rutte will have meetings with President Tony Tan and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Through this visit, Mr Rutte aims to promote the economic ties between the Netherlands and Singapore, in particular in relation to innovation. He will focus on Dutch startups in fintech and the circular economy. Singapore is a major trading partner for the Netherlands. Trade between the two countries totalled €7.7 billion in 2015. More than 1,300 Dutch companies already operate in Singapore. Mr Rutte will be accompanied on his visit to Singapore by VNO-NCW chair Hans de Boer and the CEOs of several Dutch companies.

Government delegation’s programme in broad outlines

Monday 21 November

  • Bilateral talks with Indonesian ministers for the water and maritime sector (Ms Schultz van Haegen).
  • Bilateral talks with the Indonesian Minister of the Environment and Forestry (Ms Dijksma).
  • Kick-off meeting with the entire trade delegation (Prime Minister & all three ministers).

Tuesday 22 November

Mr Rutte and Ms Schultz van Haegen will visit Semarang.


  • Visit to the Kalibanteng war memorial and cemetery.
  • Meeting with the Governor of Central Java, the Mayor of Semarang and members of the business community to discuss cooperation in the water and maritime sector.
  • Visit to the pumping station in the Banger polder.
  • Ms Schultz van Haegen will then travel to Demak in Central Java to visit the Building with Nature project there.
  • Mr Rutte will visit the old town, attend a counter-terrorism training session at the JCLEC (Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation) and have talks with an organisation that works to prevent radicalisation.

Ms Ploumen will be in Jakarta.


  • Talks with Dutch and Indonesian stakeholders on the trade in and production of sustainable palm oil.
  • Talks with a group of Indonesian teenage girls on improving nutrition.
  • Visit to the Community School of Justice, an NGO that trains legal advisors.
  • Visit to two textile factories.

Ms Dijksma will be in Jakarta.


  • Visit to the Bantar Gebang landfill.
  • Visit to a waste collection centre for village (kampong) residents.

Wednesday 23 November

  • Meeting with President Widodo (Prime Minister & all three ministers).
  • Speech by Prime Minister Mark Rutte to the Indonesian Parliament and a meeting with members of parliament.
  • Participation in various seminars on the themes of the trade and investment mission (Prime Minister & all three ministers).
  • Ms Ploumen will open a photo exhibition on the theme of sexual violence against women.
  • Trade reception and signing of agreements and contracts (Prime Minister & all three ministers.

Thursday 24 November

Mr Rutte will be in Singapore.


  • Breakfast meeting with various Singapore experts.
  • Traditional orchid naming ceremony.
  • Welcome by President Tony Tan.
  • Welcome by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
  • Round table meeting with Dutch and Singaporean companies and signing of several agreements.
  • Speech and Q&A session at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS).
  • Meeting with the Dutch community.
  • Visit to the Startup & SME Academy where 50 startups receive training from specialists.
  • Investment dinner with CEOs of Dutch and Singaporean companies.

Ms Dijksma will be in Bali.


  • Talks with the Governor of Bali on climate and waste.
  • Visit to Bali Green School on the role of young people in generating awareness of the importance of climate and the environment.
  • Field visit to a local private initiative on dealing with plastic waste in the ocean.