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Can I donate an organ or tissue while I am alive?

You may donate an organ/tissue such as a kidney or part of the liver to a person who needs it while you are alive. There are ...

Question and answer

Can I be reimbursed for the cost of living organ donation?

If you donate a kidney or part of your liver while you are alive, you can be reimbursed for your expenses. This covers the cost ...

Question and answer

Can my nearest relatives override my wishes about donation?

Relatives may only object if you are not a registered donor, or if you recorded in the Register that you wish to leave the ...

Question and answer

How do I donate my body to medical science after my death?

It is possible to donate your body to medical science after your death. To make the arrangements, contact the anatomical ...

Question and answer

How do I register as an organ or tissue donor?

You can record your decision about donating your organs and tissue after your death in the Donor Register. You do this by filling ...

Question and answer

Who can give me advice on travel vaccinations?

Your municipal health service, regional vaccination service or family doctor can give you advice on travel vaccinations. What ...

Question and answer

Where can I get the free flu jab?

You can get a seasonal flu vaccination from your family doctor or in-house medical officer at work. Vaccination is free of charge ...

Question and answer

How do I deal with my child’s side effects after vaccination?

Children may feel a bit sick for a few days after receiving a vaccination. If your child is crying a lot or is clearly in pain, ...

Question and answer

Who gets the free hepatitis B vaccination?

The hepatitis B vaccination is given free of charge to babies taking part in the National Immunisation Programme. The vaccination ...

Question and answer

I live in supported accommodation. Who covers the costs of my care and treatment?

As of 1 January 2015, supported accommodation falls under the Social Support Act 2015. This means local authorities are ...

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