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  1. Curriculum vitae of Pia Dijkstra (French)

    Publication | 02-02-2024

  2. Curriculum vitae of Pia Dijkstra (German)

    Publication | 02-02-2024

  3. What is the difference between cannabis, weed, hemp and hash?

    Cannabis, or hemp, is the name of the plant. Weed, marijuana and hash (hashish) refer to various products that are made from the ...

    Question and answer

  4. What does the experiment mean for me as a consumer?

    During the experiment you can buy cannabis that has been tested for quality. That is the main change for consumers.

    Question and answer

  5. Information about the coronavirus vaccine for pregnant women

    When you are pregnant, you are at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill from the coronavirus. That is why you can get the ...

    Leaflet | 13-12-2023

  6. Can I take my assistance dog with me everywhere I go?

    Read about places where assistance dogs are allowed and are not allowed to go inside in the Netherlands.

    Question and answer

  7. Cannabis information leaflet (hash and weed)

    This information leaflet has been produced for the experiment with a controlled cannabis supply chain. The aim is to reduce harm ...

    Leaflet | 07-11-2023

  8. Cannabis? Check this first

    This animation video briefly explains what cannabis (hash and weed) can mean for your health and how it makes you feel. You will ...

    Video | 07-11-2023

  9. Letter to the Parliament about the starting date for the Controlled Cannabis Supply Chain Experiment start-up phase

    Letter from the Minister of Justice and Security and the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport to the President of the House of ...

    Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 15-09-2023

  10. Speeches by the King and members of the government on the Netherlands’ role in the history of slavery

    The King and members of the government gave speeches on Slavery Remembrance Day (1 July 2023), which was also the start of ...

    Speech | 04-07-2023