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Do I need my parents’ consent for an abortion?

If you are a minor, you generally need the consent of your parents or guardian. This also depends on your age.

Question and answer

What is the time limit for having an abortion?

An abortion may only be carried out up to the 24th week of the pregnancy. If you are less than 17 days overdue, the mandatory ...

Question and answer

I am thinking about getting an abortion. What should I do?

If you are considering an abortion, you should contact your GP or an abortion clinic as soon as possible.

Question and answer

Model Reporting Code Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

This document is a guide intended for officials in institutions, practices, and other organisations charged with drawing up a ...

Report | 23-11-2014

Statement on absence price structure for margins

This statement serves to certify that there is no official price structure in the Netherlands that governs the margins from ...

Publication | 20-10-2014

Job opening Medical Doctor Ebola Treatment Centre

Publication | 02-10-2014

Job opening Nurse Ebola Treatment Centre

Publication | 02-10-2014

Minister Schippers opens conference on antibiotic resistance

Speech | 25-06-2014

Letter concerning safeguard public interests in the event of a takeover of a telecommunications company like KPN

Letter to the House of Representatives about safeguard public interests in general, and national security in particular, in the ...

Parliamentary document | 10-06-2014

Does my employer take care of my Dutch health insurance? (in English, Spanish and German)

Leaflet | 03-06-2014