30 patients deceased, 534 new patients, a total of 2994 positive tested people

Since yesterday, 534 people have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. This brings the total number of positive tested people to 2994. Among them are 725 people working in health care; they are tested more often than other groups.

Since the last update, 30 patients have died of COVID-19. The number of  COVID-19 fatalities in the Netherlands is now 106. The age of the deceased is between 63 and 95 years. A total of 643 patients are or have been admitted to a hospital.

Most of the people who tested positive live in the province of Noord-Brabant, 1012 people. Noord-Brabant is followed by Zuid-Holland (405), Limburg (366) and Noord-Holland (353).

The actual number of infections with COVID-19 is higher than the number of reports in this update, because not everyone with potential infection is tested anymore.