2 patients deceased, 3 new patients, 50,223 confirmed cases

78 new COVID-19 infections were reported 29 June 2020. Hospital admissions for 3 patients due to COVID-19 were reported (current or previous). 2 deaths were reported.

Not all of the reported hospital admissions or deaths occurred within the last 24 hours. Some patients are reported later. For this reason, the figures are often supplemented with data from days in the past.

Since 1 June, anyone with symptoms can get tested. However, it is possible that not all people with COVID-19 infections will request a test. The actual numbers in the Netherlands are therefore probably higher than the numbers stated here.

Daily update is discontinued

From 1 July on, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) will no longer publish a daily update on the​​​​ increase in:

  • the number of people who tested positive;
  • the number of hospital admissions (of patients with COVID-19);
  • the number of people who died as a result of the novel coronavirus.

The RIVM is switching to a weekly update containing more information. The weekly update will be posted every Tuesday. The first weekly update will appear on 7 July. The data on the coronavirus Dashboard (only in Dutch) provided by the Dutch national government will be updated daily.

Open data

If you would like to use the daily figures in the update for your own statistics, you can find them via the  open data provided by RIVM (only in Dutch). Please note: the open data is mainly intended for research purposes and may be less user-friendly than the rest of the site. Search for COVID-19 to view the latest files.

A database with the cumulative numbers per municipality per day of confirmed COVID-19 patients, hospitalised COVID-19 patients and deceased COVID-19 patients can be found there. A database with the characteristics of each patient that has been tested positive for COVID-19 in the Netherlands can be found there. The data is updated daily.