Directorate-general Long-Term Care

Director-General: Kees van der Burg


Nursing and care of the elderly and the disabled, and certain categories of mental health care, along with the related contribution and insurance system

Long-Term Care Department (DLZ)

Director: Martijn Verbeek


The Long-Term Care Department is responsible for providing an effective system of care for people with chronic limitations resulting from permanent physical, intellectual or mental health conditions. Its main objectives are to ensure:

  • accessibility of care services, by providing an effective needs assessment system and scope for patient fundholding, as well as encouraging providers to devise sufficient initiatives;
  • quality of services, by facilitating high-quality programmes within the framework of the Better Care knowledge base, facilitating knowledge policy, encouraging and facilitating innovation and making administrative agreements with sector partners;
  • efficiency of services, through measures ensuring the manageability of expenditure under the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act and by providing the proper incentives for administrative and financial schemes.


  • Guiding, Financing and Information (SFI)
  • Quality of Healthcare Institutions (KZ)

Social Support Department (DMO)

Director: Elly van Kooten


Social support entails promoting social participation. It comprises support for informal care and voluntary work, the liveability of neighbourhoods and support for those who cannot participate in society entirely independently. The department is not the only player in this field. Quite the reverse, the municipalities often occupy a central position in this respect and direct efforts. Institutions and civil society organisations are often responsible for organising social support activities and services and ensuring their quality.

The department's mission is couched in the following terms:

Citizens participate in society on the basis of their own responsibility and capacity. Where they are unable to do so, municipalities and parties in the field provide support aimed at enabling citizens to participate optimally and for as long as possible in society. It is the department's task to enable municipalities and parties in the field to provide more effective and efficient forms of support.


  • Social Cohesion and Care (MDH)
  • Systems-related Issues and Participation (SVP)
  • Transitions Project Office (PT)
  • World War II Victims and Remembrance (OHW)
  • Staff and Policy Support (SB)

Health Insurance Department (Z)

Director: drs. E. B. K. van Koesveld (Ernst)


The Health Insurance Department develops policy on health insurance, focusing on cohesion within the system, funding, and the nature and scale of entitlements.


  • Insurance Funding
  • Market Regulation and Supervision of Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Entitlements and Implementing Bodies
  • Insurance and Conventions