Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General:

Secretary-General: Erik Gerritsen.

Deputy Secretary-General: mr. G.E.A. (Gea) van Craaikamp

Advisory and support departments

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has 8 advisory and support departments.

The Secretary-General is responsible for:

  • Macroeconomic Issues and Labour Market Department (MEVA)
  • Financial and Economic Affairs Department (FEZ)
  • Communications Department (DCo)

The Deputy Secretary-General is responsible for:

  • International Affairs Department (IZ)
  • Organisation, Personnel and Operational Management Department (OBP)
  • Legislation and Legal Affairs Department (WJZ)
  • Administrative and Political Affairs Department (BPZ)
  • Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Business Park Project Department (PD ALT)

International Affairs Department

Director: Herbert Barnard


Intensive international cooperation was one of the spearheads of the government programme for 2009. It is increasingly common for health and youth policy to be discussed at international level and to be the subject of directives and treaties that are binding on the Netherlands.

The International Affairs Department (IZ) is responsible for coordination and support in international matters relating to the ministry’s work. The department promotes coherent international policy that enhances the quality of the ministry's own policy development and reflects its interests where possible.

IZ staff’s work encompasses:

  • organising international conferences, receiving foreign delegations and arranging foreign travel for Ministry staff;
  • providing news and information on international affairs;
  • seconding ministry staff to embassies and international organisations;
  • decision-making processes in international organisations like the WHO, the EU, the Council of Europe and the UN.


Operational Management, Support and Information (BOI)

  • European Union (EU)
  • Global (MO)
  • IZ is also responsible for the attachés that work for the ministry in China, France, the United States and the European Union.

Macroeconomic Issues and Labour Market Department (MEVA)

Director: Katja Mur


MEVA’s task is to ensure the continuity of care in future, focusing specifically on funding and labour market issues. With regard to funding, MEVA is responsible for elaborating a long-term strategy for the ministry. It also translates Cabinet decisions on financial and economic policy to the ministry's policy fields.

With regard to the labour market, MEVA works with actors in the field and other ministry departments to ensure that sufficient staff are trained and that a good match exists between training and the labour market, as well as to promote the retention of personnel in the sector, the creation of a sound professional structure and the improvement of labour productivity.

MEVA is also responsible for creating the proper parameters for safe data sharing in the healthcare sector.


  • Economic Policy (AEB)
  • Health Professions, Training and the Labour Market (BOA)
  • Funding, Data Sharing and Training Instruments (FIO).

Financial and Economic Affairs Department (FEZ)

Director: Theo van Uum


FEZ staff are responsible for Ministry-wide decision-making on policy and finances. They are a partner for senior ministry staff and the departments.

The department has the statutory task of auditing the ministry's finances. It independently assesses and advises on the ministry's plans and activities, both on request and on its own initiative. It also scrutinises the budget and efficient use of resources. FEZ draws up the ministry's budget and the annual report with related information.

Finally, FEZ acts as the partner of departments and services, helping them to solve problems. In such cases, roles are of course clearly delineated. FEZ seeks to provide added value based on its responsibility, central position and broad expertise.


  • Policy Assessment and Advice (BT)
  • Development of Financial Policy and Management (OFB)
  • Budget Affairs (BZ)

Organisation, Operational Management Department and Personnel (OBP)

Director: Irma Turenhout (waarnemend)


OBP is one of the ministry's central advisory and support departments, providing support in the fields of human resources, organisation, finance, procurement, facilities and housing. It consists of the following divisions:

Personnel and Organisation: responsible for policy in these fields. The division develops activities and instruments based on policy. It also supports and advises managers and staff.

VWS Flex: a project pool that provides project leaders for programmes and projects throughout the ministry, thus also offering opportunities for professional development. In addition, VWS Flex mediates for staff from other pools in the civil service.

Coordination: ensures a good price/quality ratio of products and services procured and implemented by shared service organisations. The division matches the wishes of clients to civil service procurement frameworks and suppliers.

Implementation: carries out all support duties that the ministry has not outsourced. These relate to:

  • grants
  • finances
  • information systems and application management
  • management information
  • services
  • transport services.

Chief Information Office (CIO): is responsible for good, efficient policy on information systems and ICT. The CIO staff advise policy officers and management on everything relating to information systems and ICT.

Integrated Safety and Security Office (BIV): supports all ministry departments and staff in issues where safety is important, ranging from data protection and protection of ministers and state secretaries to assistance during disasters.

Support Section: supports the department's primary processes and consists of the following teams:

  • secretariat
  • operational management of OBP
  • internal communication
  • procurement
  • finances and audit
  • strategic advisory function
  • process and quality management
  • departmental secretary and advice to director.

Legislation and Legal Affairs Department (WJZ)

Director: Rien den Boer


WJZ provides policy guidance on matters relating to legislation, its application and legal procedures, to ensure that the ministry achieves its policy aims in a correct and consistent manner (in a legal and administrative sense).


  • Health Protection and Ethics
  • Legal and Administrative Matters and Youth Care
  • Legal Protection and Europe
  • Organisation and Funding of Care
  • Operational Management Support Office

Communications Department (DCo)

Director: Joyce Veekman


DCo’s work falls under the Secretary-General and is carried out to support the Minister, the State Secretary and senior civil servants. DCo implements and (where possible proactively) communicates, explains and defends policy proposals at strategic, tactical and operational levels. To this end it is guided by the communications strategy drawn up by the ministry’s senior management board, which includes policy priorities. DCo also supports internal personnel and operational communications and crisis communication. It is responsible for coordinating communication between the various organisations falling under the ministry.


  • Support Section
  • Policy Communication
    • advisory team to the Minister
    • advisory team to the State Secretary
    • coordination of applications for access to information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act
    • Corporate Communication:
      • communication research and corporate communication
      • public communication
      • intake and communication expertise

    Administrative and Political Affairs Department (BPZ)

    Director: mw. M. Baas - van Vloten


    • advice
    • information flows
    • political advisers
    • Advisory and support services

Central Audit Service (ADR)

Client manager for VWS: Ingrid Kros-Verkamman
Cluster manager for VWS: AnneMarie Zeltenrijch

The Central Audit Service is responsible for internal auditing across the civil service and is organised in clusters. A client cluster operates at each ministry. In addition, ADR has various expertise clusters (for instance in the field of IT auditing or operational auditing). The client cluster at the ministry coordinates all audits carried out for the ministry.

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Business Park Project Department (PD ALT)

Director: Nico Oudendijk


  • The transfer of the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Business Park (ALT) to Bilthoven Biologicals was completed on 1 January 2015.
  • The ALT Facilities Service has been incorporated into Bilthoven Biologicals as of 1 January 2015. It is responsible for the maintenance and management of ALT.
  • The aim is to privatise the Institute for Translational Vaccinology (Intravacc), which will thus become a public-private organisation, by 1 January 2016.


The Project Department has three divisions:

  • Intravacc
  • Future and Management of ALT
  • ALT Facilities Service