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Study: shopkeepers see substantial reduction in use of plastic bags

Since the introduction of the ban on giving out free plastic bags, shopkeepers have seen consumers alter their behaviour. Now...

News item | 24-04-2017 | 09:53

New section of A15 motorway near Arnhem-Nijmegen will connect Rotterdam with Germany

The national government and the Province of Gelderland plan to extend the A15 motorway by twelve kilometres in the direction of...

News item | 09-03-2017 | 16:34

Self-driving vehicles to hit the roads

In the near future, self-driving vehicles with no driver on board will be seen on Dutch public roads. The cabinet, acting on a...

News item | 28-02-2017 | 11:50

Driverless cars on the roads

Driverless cars will soon be taking to the roads in the Netherlands. The government has approved the Autonomous Vehicles...

News item | 24-02-2017 | 14:38

European member states give impetus to large-scale automated transportation tests

The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Austria and 21 other EU countries will set up collective large-scale tests involving...

News item | 16-02-2017 | 16:31

speech minister Schultz at High Level Meeting Declaration of Amsterdam

Because a lot still has to be done if we want to be ready in 2019 to introduce connected and automated vehicles on our roads!”...

News item | 15-02-2017 | 17:01

Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation seeks residence in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, Japan and UN Environment will lead the establishment of a Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation in...

News item | 06-02-2017 | 10:44

Wim Kuijken reappointed as Delta Programme Commissioner

At the behest of Minister for the Environment Schultz, Wim Kuijken has been reappointed as Delta Programme Commissioner. In...

News item | 26-01-2017 | 18:05

More than 180 signatories for the National Raw Materials Agreement

In order to ensure a sufficient supply of raw materials in the future to meet the increasing demand for products, we need a...

News item | 25-01-2017 | 14:00

Minister Schultz presents Special Recognition certificates

On the 24th of January, Minister Schultz presented special certificates to sea captains that since 2014 have used their ships...

News item | 25-01-2017 | 10:30

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