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Minister Schultz strengthens collaboration with Iran regarding port and water issues

The Netherlands is going to intensify collaboration with Iran in the fields of water management, port development, and maritime...

News item | 26-10-2016 | 09:51

Minister Schultz to lead trade mission to Iran

Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and the Environment) will visit Iran from Sunday 23 to Friday 28 October,...

News item | 21-10-2016 | 10:29

Minister Schultz van Haegen invites the international business community

‘The success of smart mobility depends on international cooperation’   Smart mobility solutions, such as autonomous cars, can...

News item | 14-10-2016 | 12:45

Aviation sector to compensate CO2 emissions with effect from 2020

The international aviation sector will be compensating the increase in CO2 emissions with effect from 2020. This was agreed...

News item | 10-10-2016 | 11:30

Minister Dijksma speaks about global CO2 agreements in the aviation sector

In Canada, on 28 September, Environment Minister Dijksma addressed the triennial UN meeting of the international civil aviation...

News item | 30-09-2016 | 16:09

Minister Schultz visits China

Minister Schultz of Infrastructure and the Environment will be making a working visit to Beijing from Monday 26 September to...

News item | 26-09-2016 | 17:24

Infrastructure funding secured for the future

From now on, the Infrastructure Fund will be automatically extended every year. This means that funding for roads, railways,...

News item | 23-09-2016 | 14:15

Cabinet embraces the Paris Climate Agreement

The Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has approved the Paris Climate Agreement. This demonstrates the...

News item | 19-09-2016 | 09:56

Cabinet: National raw materials agreement to foster circular economy by 2050

A national raw materials agreement will be concluded to ensure that the Dutch economy will be running completely on reusable...

News item | 14-09-2016 | 09:11

Icoon Afsluitdijk designs unveiled

With the unveiling of the first “Spiegelsteen” (Mirror Stone) in the dike, Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and the...

News item | 05-09-2016 | 10:08

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