Inviting members of government for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

The members of government for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management receive dozens of invitations each week, asking them to deliver a keynote at a conference, participate in a panel or be introduced to an organisation, for example. The members of government greatly appreciate these invitations. 

Advice for submitting an invitation

Invite the most appropriate member of government

Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Mark Harbers’ remit covers water, maritime affairs, road infrastructure and aviation. 

Minister for the Environment Vivianne Heijnen’s remit covers the environment, soil, public transport and railways, cycling policy, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), the Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS) and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL). 

Provide a motivation for your request 

Give clear answers to questions such as: 

  • Why is this a good time for a speech, a meeting or a visit?
  • What have you or your organisation done or what are you currently undertaking that would make it pertinent for the member of government to accept your invitation? 
  • What do you think is the added value of a member of government’s attending your event?  
  • What do you expect the member of government to do?

Submit your invitation well in advance

Try to submit your invitation three months before the date of the event. It will take about three weeks for you to receive a response. If you submit your invitation well in advance, than you will know in good time whether the member of government can accept it. If you submit your invitation three weeks before your event or later, it will be almost impossible to schedule attendance. 

Your contact information

In your invitation, please give the name, telephone number and email address of your organisation’s contact person (the person who knows about the invitation and what the event involves). Consultations are often necessary regarding the event’s programme and the details of what the member of government will do. 

Commitment subject to conditions

Commitments by members of government are always conditional. Something can always come up that affects their plans, such as the need to attend parliament for a debate. On Fridays the ministers attend the cabinet meeting, which in principle lasts the whole day. Invitations for Fridays or Tuesdays (the day for parliamentary questions) are therefore unlikely to be accepted. Parliamentary obligations always take priority over individual events. 

Submitting your invitation

You can submit your invitation by completing the form on this page.