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  1. Public Transport in 2040: Outlines of a vision for the future

    Central government, the regions, transport operators and ProRail have entered into a partnership with the aim of arriving at a ...

    Publication | 13-06-2019

  2. CycleOn - bike safety & vitality for elderly

    Cycling is an important means of transportation in the Netherlands, especially for the elderly. It keeps them healthy and  ...

    Video | 09-05-2019

  3. The power of contrast

    Corporate video ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

    Video | 23-04-2019

  4. Public Transport in 2040 - Outlines of a vision for the future

    Report | 01-02-2019

  5. Cycling Facts 2018

    Facts and figures about bicycle use in the Netherlands.

    Report | 01-04-2018

  6. The Dutch Multi-Year Programme for Infrastructure, Spatial Planning and Transport (MIRT) - Summary

    Within the MIRT programme, all parties collaborate on ambitions and projects regarding infrastructure and water, in order to ...

    Leaflet | 07-02-2018

  7. How do I apply for financial compensation as a victim of exposure to asbestos?

    Victims of asbestos exposure who are suffering from mesothelioma or asbestosis can submit an application for financial ...

    Question and answer

  8. Can I get a grant to remove my asbestos roof?

    The national grant scheme for asbestos roof removal ended on 15 December 2018, but you may still be able to get a grant for this ...

    Question and answer

  9. Step-by-step plan: what should I do if I discover asbestos?

    Asbestos-containing materials are not always dangerous – but they can be. It is therefore important to know if something contains ...

    Question and answer

  10. Smart Mobility, building towards a new era on our roads

    Developments in the field of smart mobility are occurring rapidly, and provide many opportunities in both the short and long ...

    Publication | 04-04-2017