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Contribution for structural measures to strengthen the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Parliamentary document | 08-03-2013

UN Special Thematic Session on Water and Disasters

‘We can never keep our feet dry by focusing on water alone’, was the key message of minister Schultz van Haegen at the UN Special ...

Speech | 07-03-2013

Railway Map ERTMS 1.0

After presenting the background and objectives to be achieved with ERTMS (‘European Rail Traffic Management System’) directional ...

Report | 27-02-2013

National Roadmap for the transition from AIS to AIM

The aim of this document is to identify the stakeholders, agree on the required steps and provide a planning for the transition ...

Leaflet | 26-02-2013

Letter to Parliament about Railway Map ERTMS 1.0

This letter to Parliament explains the reasons for the preparation of the ERTMS (‘European Rail Traffic Management System’) ...

Parliamentary document | 13-02-2013

Dutch action plan on sustainable plant protection

The National action plan focuses strictly on measures and actions aimed at achieving sustainability in the use of plant ...

Publication | 01-02-2013

National Airspace Vision - summary

Summary of the National Airspace Vision which outlines the national government’s future development plans and strategy for the ...

Leaflet | 31-01-2013

Speaking notes Wilma Mansveld, State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment, at the BARIN New Year Gathering, 22 January 2013

With borders fading away, I believe the Netherlands’ future is international. This country has so much to offer in so many areas: ...

Speech | 24-01-2013

Icons of Dutch Spatial Planning

The 35 places and artefacts that are deemed 'most outstanding in Dutch spatial planning' are honoured as icons in this book.

Leaflet | 19-12-2012

Summary Draft National Policy Strategy for Infrastructure and Spatial Planning (in French)

Making the Netherlands competitive, mobile, liveable and safe. This is what central government wants to achieve, taking a robust ...

Leaflet | 11-12-2012