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International Water Week

Speech by the State Secretary of Infrastructure and the Environment, Joop Atsma, opening ceremony of the International Water week ...

Speech | 02-11-2011

Policy Agenda Aviation Safety 2011-2015

Policy agenda on how the Netherlands wants to improve the safety of civil aviation between 2011 and 2015. Please see ...

Policy note | 21-04-2011

Airspace Vision Preliminary Policy Document

Dutch government vision on safe, efficient and cost-effective use of airspace to ensure optimal network quality and competitive ...

Policy note | 01-04-2011

Aeronautical Information Circular

Improved procedure and more specific agreements about how to fly in areas affected by volcanic ash in the air.

Circular | 27-05-2010

Water Act

The Water Act of the Netherlands.

Leaflet | 28-02-2010

Model DBFM Agreement Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (RWS) 2009

Directive | 30-07-2009

Model DBFMO Agreement Rgd / Defence 2009

Directive | 16-07-2009

White Paper on Dutch Aviation

White paper by the Dutch government on how to build a competitive and sustainable aviation sector that contributes to a robust ...

Policy note | 17-04-2009

Sand motor (video)

Over the next few decades, the sand motor will spread 21.5 million cubic metres of sand along the Zuid-Holland coast. In this ...

Video | 01-01-2009

Public Private Comparator manual

The PPC compares the funding of traditional contracts with public-private execution of a project. The added value is expressed in ...

Directive | 01-08-2002