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  1. Uitreiking van de Ruytermedaille, Rijnstraat, 25 oktober 2023

    Op 25 oktober 2023 reikte minister Harbers (IenW) de Ruytermedaille (Koninklijke onderscheiding voor zeevarenden) uit aan twee ...

    Speech | 25-10-2023

  2. Findings and advice following exploratory investigation by TPAC

    Report in which TPAC (the Timber Procurement Assessment Committee) describes its findings and advice to the Ministry of ...

    Report | 06-10-2023

  3. National Circular Economy Programme 2023-2030

    In 2016, the Netherlands was one of the first countries in the world to lay down its ambition for a circular economy in policy, ...

    Report | 27-09-2023

  4. Increasing Cycling Ridership: Stimulation Makes the Difference

    Report on how cycling stimulation can get more people cycling and what the effect is on committing to strengthening cycling ...

    Report | 30-06-2023

  5. Candidacy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for re-election to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council

    The Kingdom of the Netherlands is candidate for re-election to the Council of the International Maritime Organization in category ...

    Report | 07-06-2023

  6. Speech by Mark Harbers, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, at the European Navigation Conference 2023, Noordwijk

    Speech | 31-05-2023

  7. Statement by Vivianne Heijnen, Minister for the Environment, at the World Circular Economic Forum session ‘Unlocking finance for the circular economy’, Helsinki

    ‘I can’t say this often enough: the circular economy does not exist in isolation. It is not a new topic, it is not a distraction ...

    Speech | 30-05-2023

  8. Openingsspeech ‘Plastics Recycling Show Europe’, Amsterdam RAI, 10 mei 2023

    Plastics: a blessing or a curse? Met die vraag opende staatssecretaris Vivianne Heijnen woensdag 10 mei de conferentie op de ...

    Speech | 10-05-2023

  9. It is never too late

    Advisory report on Bonaire Climate Table from table quartermaster Mr. Nijpels, to set up a climate table on Bonaire that will ...

    Report | 08-05-2023

  10. Infographic: extended producer responsibility for textiles

    The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has implemented extended producer responsibility (EPR) for textiles in the ...

    Publication | 01-05-2023