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  1. The Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic and Ireland call for a European policy package on sustainable carbon in the chemical industry

    In order to make the transition from fossil to sustainable raw materials in the chemical industry, policy is needed at EU-level. ...

    News item | 16-04-2024 | 13:00

  2. The Netherlands to invest €2.5 billion to strengthen business climate for chip industry in Brainport Eindhoven

    Found in objects from telephones to solar panels and medical equipment, microchips play a crucial role in everyday life. Dutch ...

    News item | 28-03-2024 | 15:59

  3. Government and banks work together to accelerate the circular economy

    The State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management, Vivianne Heijnen, and Medy van der Laan of the Dutch Banking ...

    News item | 14-03-2024 | 15:22

  4. More international cooperation on North Sea arrangements

    Today, countries around the North Sea have agreed to use and protect this sea more efficiently. Until now, countries mainly ...

    News item | 21-11-2023 | 15:00

  5. Dutch expertise on EV charging goes to California

    Charging electric cars needs to become easier, safer and smarter. Dutch environment minister Vivianne Heijnen and Yana Garcia ...

    News item | 06-09-2022 | 20:30

  6. Heijnen at the G20: reuse key to preventing plastic soup

    Recycling alone is not enough to combat plastic pollution and plastic soup. Worldwide, we need to focus more strongly on reusing ...

    News item | 30-08-2022 | 19:00

  7. Dutch Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen speaks during President Biden’s climate summit

    Today, Dutch Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management) will be participating in the Leaders Summit on ...

    News item | 22-04-2021 | 17:40

  8. Study: shopkeepers see substantial reduction in use of plastic bags

    Since the introduction of the ban on giving out free plastic bags, shopkeepers have seen consumers alter their behaviour. Now ...

    News item | 24-04-2017 | 09:53

  9. The Netherlands to become a test country for self-driving cars

    The Netherlands will become a testing ground for self-driving vehicles. As proposed by Minister Schultz van Haegen of ...

    News item | 23-01-2015 | 13:26