Minister Schultz signs MoU on technical cooperation with India

Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure & the Environment) and Kamal Nath (Indian Minister of Urban Development) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on technical cooperation between their two countries in the fields of spatial planning and architecture, water and transport management, and sustainable building. The aim is to learn from one another and to open doors for the business community.

Common issues

Minister Schultz: Although the scale is different – the Delhi metropolitan area has the same population as the whole of the Netherlands – we are struggling to resolve the same issues. How can we make better use of limited space? How can we ensure optimal water management and a sustainable energy supply? The ties between our two countries stretch back centuries. I am convinced that both the Netherlands and India can benefit from more intensive cooperation.”


The ‘Dutch Approach’ is well known internationally for its integrated approach to urban development in which spatial planning and architecture are combined sustainably and attractively with water and transport management. However, the Netherlands can also learn a great deal from India. Indian entrepreneurship, craftsmanship and (technical) talent can make a contribution to Dutch society.

Joint Working Group

Under the MoU, the Dutch and Indian ministries are to set up a Joint Working Group aimed at stimulating mutual participation in projects and programmes, the organisation of conferences and workshops, and  knowledge sharing for scientific and applied research educational programmes. The Joint Working Group will also focus on encouraging public-private partnerships. Minister Schultz: “Collaboration between Indian and Dutch universities and other knowledge institutes is an important element. And, naturally, I hope that our closer cooperation will increase the opportunities for Dutch companies on the Indian market.”