Schiphol-KLM agree on airport charges

The cabinet has approved the proposal of Minister Mansveld of the Environment and Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs that further elaborates the regulation of the charges for Schiphol Airport. The proposal is aimed at improving the involvement of airlines in the setting of the charges. The cabinet has decided that in the future Schiphol will set its charges only once every three years.  This is set down in a letter sent to the House of Representatives today.

Investments in Schiphol are important for the airport to retain its leading position. Competition from large, foreign airports demands keener charges. In this way, Schiphol will remain attractive to airlines like Air France-KLM. Seventy percent of flights at Schiphol are flights of Air France-KLM and their Sky Team partners.

For that reason, the cabinet has decided that revenues from, among other things, the leasing of property, land, shop space and space for the hospitality industry(non-airport activities) should contribute to airport activities. This will help keep the annual increases in airport charges down, while allowing Schiphol to invest in the quality of the airport.

Schiphol proposes to set its charges in the future only once every three years. In 2013, the charges will be raised by 0.6 percent. For 2014 and 2015, Schiphol will also propose moderate increases in charges. Schiphol is consulting with airlines on the intended increase in its charges. Moreover, Schiphol is also discussing the airport’s investment programme with the airlines.

Schiphol’s function as a hub is important for the Netherlands and the Schiphol area. Due to its extensive network of connections with other economic centres around the world, the Netherlands is an attractive place for internationally operating companies to set up offices. Furthermore, the airport provides important employment opportunities.

The cabinet arrived at its decision after receiving recommendations from the Shared Vision Committee, chaired by Hans Alders. The Committee was established in August 2012 by the ministries of Infrastructure & the Environment, Economic Affairs and Finance.