State Secretary Mansveld makes working visit to Brazil

From 31 March to 4 April, State Secretary Mansveld (Infrastructure & the Environment) will visit Brasilia and Sao Paulo in order to further intensify collaboration in the fields of sustainable environmental policy, airport development and urban development. Various Dutch companies from the aviation, environment and energy sectors will travel with the State Secretary or join Ms Mansveld for specific elements of the programme. This visit constitutes a follow-up to previous trade missions to Brazil.

With a growing economy, the 2014 World Cup and the Olympics in 2016, Brazil has become a leading player on the world stage. On account of its economic growth, Brazil also plays an important role as regards the global approach to the climate issue. With respect to Dutch exports, Brazil has been the main destination in Latin America for many years. In addition, the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam are the main transit ports for Brazilian products entering the European market. For that reason, intensifying and expanding political and economic relationships is essential.


In Brasilia, Ms Mansveld will speak with fellow Ministers on topics such as collaboration in the field of aviation, and the development of new airports. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they will renew agreements between the Netherlands and Brazil regarding bio energy and, in particular, bio fuels for aviation. The delegation will also meet with the Minister of Mining & Energy, with whom they will discuss the economic opportunities of a circular economy. Dutch know-how on waste and technology is in great demand in Brazil, given that the Netherlands is a global leader in this field. Brazil, too, is increasingly aware of the fact that processing and recycling waste can ultimately yield a great deal. The State Secretary will also discuss the sustainability criteria for bio fuels with her fellow Minister and various Brazilian NGOs.

With the Environment Minister, Ms Mansveld will discuss the global climate issue, the emissions trading system and the efforts Brazil is expending in this regard. On Monday evening, together with KLM top executive Camiel Eurlings, the State Secretary will greet the first direct flight from Paris to Brasilia, followed by a meeting with Air France’s CEO. At the Brazilian Water Agency, she will sign a letter of intent between this agency and the Dutch KNMI [Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute], which will foster the intensification of their collaboration. The KNMI can play a significant role in Brazil, for example by providing meteorological data for new airports or the Olympics in 2016.

Sao Paulo

On Wednesday 2 April, the delegation will head for Sao Paulo, where Ms Mansveld will open a seminar with Dutch and Brazilian companies focusing on, among other things, soil and water quality. In the afternoon, the State Secretary will attend the Intermodal Transport Exhibition, where Dutch companies are represented at the Holland Stand.

On Thursday 3 April, Ms Mansveld will open a conference on urban mobility in the Soccer Museum of the Pacaembu stadium. The Netherlands, being a small country with a large population, has a great deal of experience and expertise in this field. This expertise can help to reduce the huge mobility issues in major Brazilian cities. The seminar will be attended by representatives of the Brazilian cities in which the Dutch soccer team will play during the first round of the World Cup.