Flying drones safely campaign launched

In June 2016, various stations in the Netherlands broadcast items pointing out the regulations in force for flying drones. Billboards near airports also focus specific attention on flying drones safely. In addition, the online campaign, involving information regarding the regulations provided by several websites, will be expanded. Minister for the Environment, Sharon Dijksma, has decided to intensify public information, in part as a result of recent reports at Schiphol Airport of pilots spotting drones in the sky, when flying drones around airports is prohibited.

Minister for the Environment Dijksma: ‘People flying drones must be aware of the regulations and abide by them. This campaign is aimed at a broad public, in order to ensure that every drone pilot knows at what altitude and where drones may be flown. And that expressly excludes the vicinity of airports, because flight safety of manned aviation is a top priority.’

At an earlier date, Mrs Dijksma already informed the House of Representatives that the policy on recreational use of drones is aimed at intensive enforcement. As already foreseen, the regulations are expected to be tightened even further at the end of 2016. This will restrict the altitude and distance to be flown by recreational drones to a maximum of 50 metres and 100 metres, respectively. In addition, Mrs Dijksma is going to examine, in consultation with the Ministry of Security and Justice, whether the penalties to be imposed for violations are sufficiently severe. She has meanwhile agreed with the drone manufacturers that the aviation sector will provide them with the correct coordinates of Schiphol Airport, in order to make it technically possible to hamper flying near airports (geo-fencing).