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Denmark and the Netherlands join forces on ambitious EU climate targets

Denmark and the Netherlands have joined forces to pursue an ambitious new European target to reduce CO2 emissions. To that end ...

News item | 18-03-2013 | 09:41

Netherlands to host World Water Day 2013

World Water Day is held annually on 22 March. This year is special because the Netherlands will be hosting the international ...

News item | 12-03-2013 | 15:42

Henk Ovink to advise US Secretary Donovan

Acting Director-General of Spatial Planning and Water Affairs Henk Ovink is joining the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Taskforce. In ...

News item | 12-03-2013 | 14:29

Minister Schultz and US sign agreement to cooperate on water-related issues

Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure & the Environment) and US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun ...

News item | 08-03-2013 | 15:18

Minister Schultz speaks at UN Thematic Session on Water and Disasters

In New York on Wednesday 6 March, Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure & the Environment) spoke at the UN Special ...

News item | 07-03-2013 | 15:39

Minister Schultz on water mission to New York

Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure & the Environment) will pay a working visit to Washington and New York on 4 to 6 ...

News item | 04-03-2013 | 12:42

Kyoto Protocol extended

Wilma Mansveld, State Secretary of Infrastructure & the Environment, is satisfied about the outcome of the climate summit in ...

News item | 11-12-2012 | 15:44

The Netherlands contributes 200 million euros to climate policy

In 2013, the Netherlands will contribute a total of 200 million euros to international climate funding. State Secretary Mansveld ...

News item | 11-12-2012 | 14:16

First energy neutral bridge

By sounding a foghorn on the 13-metre high Ramspol Bridge Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure & the Environment) today ...

News item | 30-11-2012 | 14:19

Agreement with Vietnam opens the door for the Dutch business community

The Netherlands and Vietnam are looking to cooperate in dredging activities in the rivers, coastal areas and irrigation canals in ...

News item | 29-11-2012 | 16:32