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  1. Data from intelligent, connected vehicles contribute to safer road traffic

    Anonymised vehicle data are going to help road managers by providing constant insights on road conditions. This will give road ...

    News item | 29-03-2022 | 08:00

  2. The Netherlands re-elected to Council of IMO International Maritime Organisation

    This Friday, 10 December 2021, the Kingdom of the Netherlands has been re-elected as a council member of the International ...

    News item | 10-12-2021 | 15:45

  3. Glasgow climate summit: agreement on more clean heavy-duty vehicles

    Fifteen countries and several transport sector companies spread across four continents are embarking on a drive for clean ...

    News item | 10-11-2021 | 01:00

  4. Number of electric shared cars has doubled in 2021

    The amount of electric shared cars has more than doubled last year. In March 2020, there were 5,200 electric shared cars, while ...

    News item | 04-11-2021 | 14:22

  5. State opening of Parliament (Prinsjesdag): major maintenance tasking in the pursuit of accessibility, safety, and liveability

    The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management aims to keep the Netherlands accessible, safe, and liveable. In 2022, the ...

    News item | 21-09-2021 | 15:15

  6. ICT-Pact: Joining forces towards circular and fair ICT

    Today seven countries are signing the international Circular and Fair ICT Pact. The signatories commit to working together in ...

    News item | 14-06-2021 | 12:30

  7. Flight ban replaced by self-quarantine and two negative test result requirements

    From 1 June all travellers from countries with a very high COVID-19 risk will be required to self-quarantine on arrival and show ...

    News item | 31-05-2021 | 23:59

  8. Ban on incoming flights from India as of 18.00 on Monday 26 April

    From Monday 26 April 2021 at 18.00 there will be a ban on all incoming passenger flights from India. This was decided by the ...

    News item | 26-04-2021 | 13:47

  9. Dutch Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen speaks during President Biden’s climate summit

    Today, Dutch Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management) will be participating in the Leaders Summit on ...

    News item | 22-04-2021 | 17:40

  10. Van Veldhoven: some of the Green Deal agreements should be adopted worldwide

    Agreements made in the European Green Deal about the obligatory reuse of materials should be adopted worldwide. This would ...

    News item | 15-04-2021 | 00:01