Other authorities

Other authorities include the municipalities, provinces, district water boards and Ministries. They all constitute part of the government.

The municipal administration represents local interests in areas such as living, spatial planning, the environment and transport and work, and provides a large number of services to the residents of a municipality. Provinces serve as the link between municipalities and the national government. A province is responsible for organising spatial planning, ensuring mobility between cities, towns and the hinterland and providing for a safe and clean living environment. The district water boards make sure that the right amount of good-quality surface water is available, and that waste water is transported and purified. The Ministries take care of national issues on the political agenda. Besides this several councils advise the Ministry on policy regarding Infrastructure and the Environment.

Council for the Environment and Infrastructure

The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) is the primary strategic advisory board for the Dutch government and parliament in matters relating to the physical environment and infrastructure.

The Council operates independently and provides solicited and unsolicited advice on policy affecting the sustainable development of the human environment.

The Council advises the Minister and Parliament on matters relating to long term policy. In its work, it seeks to break through traditional lines of opposition and compartmentalisation. The Council endeavours to put forward recommendations that offer a fresh way of looking at an issue. Its independent status allows for such an approach. See: http://en.rli.nl/