Information for the press

An overview of the contact information for the press officers of the Ministry of Justice and Security. The press officers are only available to the media. If you are not from the media, please use the contact form or call 1400 (Monday to Friday, 08.00 to 20.00). If you are calling from outside the Netherlands, please dial +31 70 214 02 14.

If you are unable to reach a certain press officer or his/her telephone is busy during office hours, please contact the secretary for press information at +31 70 370 73 45. Outside office hours journalists can call the general number of the Ministry of Justice and Security: +31 70 751 60 60. Ask for the duty spokesperson.

Find more information about the spokespeople for the Ministry of Justice and Security (in Dutch).

For press inquiries regarding the Inspectorate of Justice and Security, please contact the Inspectorate's spokesperson.