Further boost to police collaboration within the Kingdom

Ferdinand Grapperhaus, the Minister of Justice and Security, will allocate 4.4 million euros to enhance the training of officers in the police forces of Saint Martin (KPSM), the Caribbean Netherlands (KPCN), Aruba (KPA), Curaçao (KPC) and the Coast Guard, among other things. Quality improvements as well as increased safeguards for knowledge and expertise in these countries over the past years have already led to great progress in the regional capabilities of the police forces within the Kingdom. Since the initial efforts in this direction were made three years ago, major gains have been realised within a relatively short period.

The additional funds will continue this development by means of co-financing, in which the countries take care of travel and accommodation costs. While the training programmes on offer are equivalent to the Dutch ones, they will incorporate the local context in so far as required. This news was announced by Minister Grapperhaus during the biennial Judicial Four-Party Consultation (Justitieel Vierpartijenoverleg, JVO) with the Ministers of Justice from Aruba, Saint Martin and Curaçao.

'The continuation of the current ambition for improved cooperation is a positive sign. I will advise and assist this process together with the Chief Officers of both the Caribbean Netherlands and the Dutch police. This collaboration to improve the police force is of importance to this region as well as the whole Kingdom. No party on its own can combat the criminals who threaten our citizens and society.'

said Grapperhaus.

Wierda appointed RST team leader

The JVO also saw the four ministers approve the appointment of Helmoed Wierda as team leader of the Kingdom Detective Cooperation Team (RST) for Aruba, Saint Martin, Curaçao, the Caribbean Netherlands and the European Netherlands. Currently, Wierda works with the Rotterdam police as head of operations. His appointment will take effect from 1 December 2019.