International Cyber Conference: Keeping our Future Secure, Be Innovative, Stay Alert!

The One Conference 2019 will be opened by Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus and closed by Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

One of the largest international conferences on cyber security, the One Conference will be held on Tuesday 1 October, Wednesday 2 October and Thursday 3 October at the World Forum in The Hague. This edition of the conference is being organised by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the Ministry of Justice and Security and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy with the theme ‘One Conference 2019: Keeping our Future Secure, Be Innovative, Stay Alert!’. The third day is made possible through a partnership with the Municipality of The Hague. The One Conference 2019 will be launched by Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus.
During the various sessions, some hundred national and international experts from the worlds of business, government, science and cyber security will discuss a wide range of topical issues such as the economic opportunities offered by digitisation and the threats faced in the field of cyber security.

These experts will include Edwin van Andel (CEO of the hacker company Zerocopter), Rene Bonvanie (Palo Alto Networks), Chuck Robbins (CEO Cisco), Elsine van Os (clinical psychologist), Patricia Zorko (NCTV), Dick Schoof (AIVD), and Lodewijk van Zwieten (Public Prosecution Service) will address the conference over the three days.
This year, the conference will be concluded in a spectacular manner on Thursday with a live hack of a real hospital operation performed on stage. Under the title ‘Digital Disease: where bits and bytes[A1]  meet flesh and blood’, American scientists Christian Dameff, Jeff Tully, Sage Wexner and Joshua Corman will demonstrate, for the first time in Europe, how the digital threat can actually disrupt our daily lives and crucial facilities such as medical care. The hack is organised in collaboration with the Haaglanden Medical Centre and will take place in the presence of State Secretary Keijzer.