Nearly 3 million traffic infringements in the second four-month period of 2019

In the second four-month period of 2019 (May–August), there were 2,974,497 traffic infringements under the Traffic Regulations (Administrative Enforcement) Act (Wet administratiefrechtelijke handhaving verkeersvoorschriften, Wahv). This is a decrease compared to the same period last year, when 3,230,893 traffic fines were issued for infringements including speeding, running red lights and using a hand-held phone while driving. These figures have been published in the second four-monthly Wahv summary for 2019.*

In the second four-month period of 2019, there was a particularly significant decline in infringements detected using number plate recognition pursuant to the Wahv: 2,801,327 in May–August this year compared to 3,122,969 in the same period last year.

There were relatively few on-the-spot fines issued last year due to industrial action by the police unions in the summer of 2018 in connection with collective labour agreement negotiations. Partly for this reason, the number of on-the-spot fines rose from 107,924 in May–August last year to 173,170 in the same period this year.

Use of mobile phones while cycling

On 1 July 2019, it became illegal to hold an electronic device (such as a mobile phone) in your hand while cycling. This resulted in a total of 9,248 fines being issued in July and August. Due in part to this, the total number of fines for the use of hand-held phones in the past four-month period nearly doubled from 23,268 in May–August 2018 to 44,540 this year.

Speeding offences

The majority of traffic fines were imposed for speeding: 2,470,294 in the second four-month period of 2019 compared to 2,793,407 in the same period last year. The majority of these offences were detected with digital enforcement tools using number plate recognition technology. In May–August 2019, 1,276,010 speeding offences were detected by speed cameras, 706,585 by an average speed check and 462,689 by mobile radar equipment.

Foreign-based traffic offenders

In the second four-month period of 2019, 381,122 traffic fines were issued to foreign-based traffic offenders. This is a decrease compared with the 429,044 issued in the same period in 2018.

* The four-monthly summary of traffic fines pursuant to the Wahv, also known as the Mulder Act, is compiled by the Ministry of Justice and Security, the National Police, the Central Fine Collection Agency (CJIB) and the Public Prosecution Service (OM).