‘Remain Vigilant' campaign warns entrepreneurs about illegal funds

The new 'Remain Vigilant' (Blijf Alert) campaign is intended to warn entrepreneurs about criminals who want to invest in their business using illegal funds. The campaign starts today and is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Justice and Security, various sector organisations, the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW)/Dutch Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Companies (MKB-NL) and the Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety (CCV). The aim is to alert entrepreneurs to signs indicating attempts at criminal interference, allowing them to recognise criminal investors more quickly. It also explains the support available from the government.

'Many entrepreneurs are currently experiencing difficulties due to the coronavirus crisis. There is always a risk that criminal investors will attempt to take advantage of this and try to launder money earned with criminal activities. If we remain vigilant of criminal funding, we can prevent criminals from undermining society with “black” money that they use to gain access to our bona fide companies in these difficult times.’

said Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security.

The campaign raises entrepreneurs’ awareness of the risks of 'aid' that criminals might offer and calls on them to remain vigilant with regard to dubious offers. Consider, for example, an investor who suddenly crops up but cannot be found on the Internet. Or a sudden takeover bid by an unknown individual.
Or an investor charging sky-high interest rates.

A criminal investor may not be immediately recognisable to entrepreneurs, so the campaign provides tools to identify investors with bad intentions more quickly. The campaign also calls for people to report suspicious situations and to consult about possible actions, referring to the police or the Crime Stoppers NL hotline (Meld Misdaad Anoniem). Reference is also made to the Dutch government's support and recovery package including temporary financial arrangements, and to organisations that can advise on these issues, such as the Chamber of Commerce, sector organisations and VNO-NCW/MKB-NL.

The campaign includes a video, an animation, a quiz on identifying criminal investors more easily, as well as various ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Instagram. More information on the campaign can be found at www.hetccv.nl/blijfalert.