Approach to tackling subversive crime strengthened in treaties with UAE

With two bilateral treaties, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are joining forces to tackle organised subversive crime. Today, Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security wrote to the Dutch House of Representatives that an official agreement has been reached with the UAE on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, tackling criminal cash flows and the extradition of criminal suspects. Preparations are now being made for the signing of the treaties. The treaties can then be submitted to the House of Representatives for approval after the summer.

‘Increasing international cooperation is crucial in tackling organised subversive crime. It is the only way we can close the net around criminals who still believe they can hide by simply crossing the border and think they can divert the proceeds of their crimes to other countries. I am very grateful to the UAE authorities for their good cooperation in recent years. The two treaties will intensify operational cooperation and further strengthen our joint fight against international subversive crime.’

said Minister Grapperhaus.
The Netherlands and the UAE have agreed on a treaty on mutual assistance in criminal matters and an extradition treaty. The treaties will allow the two countries to increase their cooperation in tackling organised crime, such as murder and manslaughter, arms and drug trafficking, money laundering and criminal financial flows. They include agreements on hearing suspects, witnesses, victims and experts, examining bank accounts and seizing property and proceeds obtained from criminal activity. The treaties will make it easier to extradite suspects to face criminal charges and to extradite convicted persons to have them serve their prison sentence.