Three quarters of Dutch citizens recognise NL-Alert thanks to test message

Three quarters of Dutch citizens (74%) who received an NL-Alert test message last year have learned to recognise an NL-Alert sent in a genuine emergency as a result. Additionally, more than half (56%) check with others whether they received the same test message. These are among the outcomes of a survey conducted on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Security. To give everyone the chance to experience what receiving an NL-Alert feels like, the government will send an NL-Alert test message on Monday 6 December around noon.

NL-Alert is the government public warning system, which it uses to warn and inform you about emergencies in your area. These could involve large fires, clouds of toxic fumes or terrorist attacks. The NL-Alert will tell you what the message is about, what you should do and where you can find more information. When you receive an NL-Alert, you should read the message, take action and tell others immediately.

Twice a year

The government sends an NL-Alert test message twice a year, around noon on the first Monday in June and December. This is to show you what an NL-Alert looks and sounds like. If the first Monday of the month coincides with a public holiday, the test message is sent the next Monday. Seven out of ten Dutch citizens who received an NL-Alert test message last year indicated that they appreciated this. The government also uses the test messages to measure the reach of the NL-Alert system. The government will send the first test message for 2022 on Monday 13 June 2022.

NL-Alert test message

NL-Alert 06-12-2021 12:00: TESTBERICHT. De overheid waarschuwt je tijdens noodsituaties via NL-Alert. Je leest dan wat je moet doen en waar je meer informatie kan vinden. Kijk op *** TEST MESSAGE Netherlands Government Public Warning System. No action required. More information:

Check your mobile phone

NL-Alerts are sent to your mobile phone. You will also see the NL-Alerts on a growing number of digital billboards and digital information screens on public transport. When you receive an NL-Alert on your mobile phone, you will hear a shrill, loud warning sound. This sounds different from a normal text message. Please note that the NL-Alert test message may startle you when you are wearing earbuds or headphones.

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