Digital VOG available soon for everyone

As of mid-May, a Certificate of Good Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag, VOG) will be available to everyone digitally. Screening authority Justis is introducing this new method of receipt. Starting tomorrow, 20 March, the digital receipt of a VOG in the inbox will be rolled out in phases. Previously, the VOG could only be received in hard copy.

When applying for the VOG, it will now be possible to choose between a digital or hard copy version. It is therefore still possible to receive the VOG in hard copy. Likewise, the price of applying for the VOG remains the same. A digital VOG brings advantages for employees, employers and citizens. A VOG issued digitally can be issued faster, is more sustainable and easier to forward digitally to the employer.

A digital version of the VOG has invisible, digital authenticity features that replace the visible authenticity features on the paper version, such as the watermark. Through the central government's validation tool and accompanying website (Dutch), the authenticity of the VOG can be easily verified by employers.

This electronic receipt option will be rolled out in phases to accommodate the capacity of Justis' systems. This will be done in four phases over two months. Accordingly, not every organisation can use the digital VOG directly. For more information on the digital VOG and an updated schedule of the roll-out, please refer to Introduction digital VOG | Justis (Dutch).