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Expansion of stepfamily’s right to speak

The stepfamilies of victims will be granted the right to speak at the proceedings. Minister van der Steur stated the above in a ...

News item | 24-12-2016 | 09:00

Recovery and Resolution (Insurance Firms) Bill to be sent to Council of State

The cabinet has approved the Recovery and Resolution (Insurance Firms) Bill proposed by the Minister of Finance Jeroen ...

News item | 23-12-2016 | 16:48

Government: fewer official documents will note an individual’s sex

The government has decided to reduce the number of official documents and identity cards that require the registration of the ...

News item | 23-12-2016 | 15:30

Bill sent to House of Representatives: special position of investigating officers in criminal law

Police officers will no longer automatically be considered a suspect during an investigation into use of force. From now on, the ...

News item | 23-12-2016 | 11:05

Government opts for less registration of gender

The Cabinet ensures that gender registration and the use of it on documents and cards will be further reduced. Research has shown ...

News item | 23-12-2016 | 11:01

State Secretary Dijkhoff visits Berlin.

State Secretary Dijkhoff is in Berlin on a study visit in relation to cyber security and migration. Last Monday’s shocking attack ...

News item | 22-12-2016 | 13:23

House of Representatives passes Computer Criminality III Bill

The legislative proposal increasing the powers to investigate and prosecute computer criminality, submitted by State Secretary ...

News item | 20-12-2016 | 15:50

Van der Steur: Litigating in English will be possible

In complex international commercial matters, parties will soon be able to litigate in English if they have agreed to it. For this ...

News item | 16-12-2016 | 08:38

Expert and youth panel: Five entries Divorce Challenge declared front runners

On Wednesday 14 December, in the presence of Minister Van der Steur (Security and Justice), the so-called five front runners of ...

News item | 14-12-2016 | 13:52

Notorious troublemakers given area restriction order to reception centre during New Year

Trouble in and around the COA (Central Reception Organisation for Asylum Seekers) reception centres is unacceptable. For that ...

News item | 13-12-2016 | 14:50