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50 Albanians deported on state flight

50 Albanian foreign nationals were deported yesterday on a state flight to Tirana. The flight deported 46 foreign nationals who ...

News item | 02-03-2018 | 08:00

Dekker to abolish notary fees

In future, marrying in general community of property will no longer require drawing up a prenuptial agreement with the civil-law ...

News item | 26-02-2018 | 13:27

Knottnerus appointed chair of advisory committee on experiment in weed cultivation

Prof. J.A. (André) Knottnerus has been appointed chair of the independent advisory committee 'Experiment in closed chain for ...

News item | 23-02-2018 | 13:22

Cybersecurity Act submitted to House of Representatives

In the course of 2018, providers of essential services – such as drinking water companies, banks and managers of gas mains and ...

News item | 15-02-2018 | 09:58

More credit options for the business community

Sander Dekker, the Minister for Legal Protection, hopes to give credit provision to businesses a new boost. In practice, the ...

News item | 08-02-2018 | 14:43

Dutch Senate assents to Forensic Care Act

The Dutch Senate today accepted the Forensic Care Act tabled by Sander Dekker, the Minister for Legal Protection. The act makes ...

News item | 23-01-2018 | 09:32

Behavioural scientist Dr Elaine Pressman, Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion

On Thursday 11 January, Dr Elaine Pressman was appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion. This honour was bestowed ...

News item | 11-01-2018 | 10:45

Legislative proposal on passenger data submitted to House of Representatives

In the course of 2018 airlines operating flights to and from third countries and flights within the European Union will come ...

News item | 09-01-2018 | 16:22

Domestic burglary rates decreased by another 10% over the past year.

The number of house break-ins decreased again over the past year. Over the first eleven months of 2017, there were 10% fewer ...

News item | 27-12-2017 | 13:37

Legislative proposal: more extensive screening of police officers

A different approach to the screening of police officers should help to better ensure the integrity of the police force. The core ...

News item | 20-12-2017 | 15:27