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Legislative proposal: more extensive screening of police officers

A different approach to the screening of police officers should help to better ensure the integrity of the police force. The core ...

News item | 20-12-2017 | 15:27

New legislation as of 1 January 2018

Below is an overview of the most important legislation related to Justice and Security that will be coming into force on 1 ...

News item | 20-12-2017 | 11:48

Data protection implementation act submitted to House of Representatives

The legislative proposal of Minister for Legal Protection Sander Dekker to implement the General Data Protection Regulation ...

News item | 13-12-2017 | 14:03

Nationwide NL-Alert verification message on Monday 4 December

Today Minister Grapperhaus (Security and Justice) issued a nationwide NL-Alert verification message. The verification message ...

News item | 04-12-2017 | 14:21

Prison staff covenant: 100 million euros for professionalism

The trade unions, the Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI) Works Council and the General Director of the Custodial Institutions ...

News item | 28-11-2017 | 14:14

Police capacity to be reinforced

Minister Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) intends to invest in the recruitment and training of new employees in order to ...

News item | 24-11-2017 | 11:47

Senate supports storing vehicle registration data

The registration data of vehicles that have recently passed an ANPR camera in certain locations on public roads may be stored for ...

News item | 21-11-2017 | 11:45

Persistent threat from travelling and local jihadists

The jihadist threat against the West has certainly not diminished, not even after the fall of Raqqa. Both al Qa’ida and ISIS ...

News item | 20-11-2017 | 11:37

Conclusion on evaluation of Police Act 2012: develop and improve further

Several aspects of the Police Act 2012 must be revised in order to achieve a better balance between politics, authority and ...

News item | 16-11-2017 | 14:27

Repatriation and Departure Service celebrates 10 years

‘The government is strongly committed to European cooperation in preventing and solving conflicts which give rise to migration. ...

News item | 14-11-2017 | 13:18