Minister Donner signs agreement with Romania on movement of workers

Better enforcement and proper social security implementation on both sides were the focus during the working visit of Social Affairs and Employment Minister Donner to Romania today. The minister concluded a cooperation agreement with Romania on enforcement of social security and monitoring for underpayment and tax evasion. Better cooperation and exchange of information will make the implementation of social security entitlements, such as unemployment benefits, more efficient for Romanian workers who return to their home country.

Minister Donner signed the agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) on cooperation between the two countries with his Romanian counterpart Minister Mihai Constantin Seitan in Romania today. Both countries want to prevent unfair competition facilitated by poor working conditions, such as underpayment, for example. Employers and employees who do pay their contributions and taxes should not suffer as a result.
Romanians have an interest in being informed of their rights and obligations in the Netherlands. This can help ensure better application of the rules and more effective prevention of poor working conditions. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has developed an information leaflet specifically for Romanians that states the conditions under which they are allowed to work in the Netherlands and what their rights are.

Social security administration agencies must be able to enforce the social security regulations properly both now and in the future when Romanians will be free to work in the Netherlands on the basis of EU agreements. At the moment Romanian workers can only work in the Netherlands if they hold a work permit; there is no free movement of workers as of yet. It has been agreed that the work permit requirement will be repealed in the future.