Labour exploitation in Europe - a book about combating human trafficking

The publication “Labour exploitation in Europe” offers insight into the problems that are encountered when combating human trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation, thus identifying and assessing the gap between (inter)national legislation on human trafficking and the operational side of law enforcement.

Some of the observations put forward by the authors are partly based on the outcomes of the international seminar LABOREX10, held on 31 January – 2 February 2010 in Kerkrade, the Netherlands.This publication will contribute to the discussion concerning the combat of human trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation. Four useful appendices are added.

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“Labour exploitation in Europe” / A practical guide with operational observations and recommendations on European inspection, investigation and prosecution of labour exploitation

Authors: F.H. van Dijk en R.N. Ungureanu

ISBN / EAN: 978-90-77894-99-6